Republic of Mauritius

General facts about Mauritius 

Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Madagascar and has a reputation as a tropical paradise by many people around the globe and attracts torurists from around the world. The capital of Mauritius is called Port Louis and is home to many offices and businesses. The port is in Port Louis.

The total area of Mauritius is around 2000 sq. kilometers with 330 km of coastline mostly surrounded by coral reefs. Surveys showed that during the year 2006, the population of Mauritius was around 1.3 million. Although the official language of Mauritius is English, most people speak French and Creole but important Government communiqués are issued in English and then translated into French for the whole population. Mauritius became a Republic in the year 1968. 

Mauritius is divided into nine districts. These districts are called Grand Port, Savanne, Moka, Plaine Wilhems, Pamplemousses, Black River, Port Louis, Flacq and Riviere du Rempart. Other islands that belong to Mauritius are Rodrigues and Agalega.  The Mauritian flag has 4 colours -   red, blue, yellow and green. Mauritius gained the flag during its independence on the 12th of March 1968. Each colour on the flag has a meaning. Red means freedom. Blue means the colour of the Indian Ocean, yellow represents the sunshine and green the agriculture of Mauritius. 

Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy.

Nearly all cities and towns in Mauritius have a police station to address the daily needs of the population. The police force helps maintain order and also controls the traffic where necessary over the island. In emergencies the police will be glad to help you in their earliest convenience. The tourist police are very helpful.

The legal system is based upon the French civil laws. The judicial branch of Mauritius is the Supreme Court.  

In all, Mauritius is a country which is developing and evolving gradually. The tourism sector and sugar cane sectors among others have helped Mauritius since long to maintain the balance its economy. Newer businesses will be bound to enable Mauritius to further progress.