Renewing your registration

Renewing your business name is important so that your details are up to date and The Free Zone of Mauritius knows that you are still trading under a business name. Renewing your business name provides you with further protection against others who may attempt to trade using your business’ goodwill and reputation. It also means that older names that are not being used anymore can be used by new businesses.

You are required to renew your business name within the ‘anniversary period’.

What is the anniversary period?

The anniversary period is the same month as the month you first registered your business name.

For example, if you registered a business name on 01 November 2017, you can renew the name anywhere between 1 November and 30 November 2018.  You must renew the name every year during these dates.

Renewing a business name is simple and can be done online.

The fee for renewing a business name is the same as for new one according the fees we have on that day.