Learn about Business Names

Many businesses choose to trade under names that are different to the actual names of the business operators. Business names can be used by sole traders, partnerships and companies. This section provides an overview of what business names are, how they can work for you and how to register a business name.

What is a business name and do I need one?

Business names are names that are different to the actual name of a sole trader, partnership or company.

Why have business names?

Business names are used for a number of different reasons. This section explains why you might want to use a business name.

What business names can you use?

Most names can be used in Republic of Mauritius, but there are some important exceptions that you should be aware of.

Applying for a business name

Applying for a business name is quick and easy online.  If you have limited computer skills, paper applications are also available.

Obligations for business name holders

There are a number of important things that you must do when you use a business name.

Renewing Registration

You must renew your business name registration every year.