How to register a Business Name

This information sets out how to register a business name. It covers:

  • general information about business names
  • choosing a business name
  • reserving business names
  • registering business name, and
  • keeping your details up to date.

Step One: Review General Information About Business Names

Operating a business under a name other than your own is a common practice in Republic of Mauritius. It is important that you understand what business names are and the obligations of persons using business names.

Step Two: Choose Your Business Name

Most business names can be used in Republic of Mauritius.

Step Three: Reserve Your Business Name

You are able to put a business name on hold for six months ahead of applying to register the business name. After this time, you must either give up the name or reserve the name again. However, you should not that you may only reserve a proposed business name twice over a five year period.

Reservation is easily done online through the registry services tab above.

There is a fee to reserve a business name.Please note that if you go on to register the business name an additional fee will be payable.

Step Four: Register Your Business Name

Registering a business name is simple and can be done easily online.

There is a fee to register a business name.

Step Five: Keeping Your Details Up To Date

Renewing your business name is important so that your details are up to date and The Free Zone of Mauritius knows that you are still trading under a business name.

There is a fee for annual renewals.